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A crime scene

Sur les lieux du meurtre
At the end of the seventh century, a large residence was built here, partially using the old Roman construction. There is no doubt that this was the house where Lambert, the Bishop of Tongres-Maastricht, was assassinated around the year 700. This was apparently an act of private vengeance by Dodon, a high State official and member of an opposing clan.

17 September, which has become Saint Lambert's day, commemorates this assassination.

Lambert's successor, Bishop Hubert (about 700-727) put up a church on the site of the murder, It was a martyrium measuring about 50 m x 15 m to which he transferred the relics of his predecessor. So started the cult devoted to the martyred Bishop, and the pilgrimage to Liege that rapidly grew into a major town. In about 800, the fast-growing city became the main residence of the Tongres-Maastricht bishops.